This is the GLISN news archive.


2014 JAN 14: GLISN article in EOS:LINK
2013 DEC 23: Higher-rate (20 sps) real-time data now available from remote sites NOR and DBG
2013 SEP 25: Real-time data from station UPNV (Upernavik) now available at the IRIS DMC
2013 SEP 01: US National Science Foundation awards O&M funding for IRIS GLISN stations through the Arctic Observing Network program
2013 AUG 10: South Korea has joined GLISN as a new partner and installed station UPNV (Upernavik)
2013 JUL 24: GLISN International group meets at the IASPEI conference, Gothenburg, Sweden
2010 JUN 11 : GLISN presented at the International Polar Year Oslo Science Conference. Read more
2010 MAY 4 : GLISN upgrades the station at Thule, Greenland, with real-time telemetry. Read more
2010 APR 8 : The Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Sciences (IGF PAS) joins GLISN.
2009 DEC 18 : GLISN presented at AGU, Paper Number:U51C-0032 Read more
2009 DEC 18 : GLISN Open House at AGU, Tuesday 5-7 pm Read more
2009 NOV 18 : GLISN participation announced at NORSAR, Norway Read more
2009 SEP 14-16 : GLISN startup meeting at GEUS in Copenhagen, Denmark
2009 AUG 27 : GLISN undertake site survey for new locations of broadband seismometers in Nuuk and Narsarsuaq, Greenland.
2009 AUG 25-27 : GLISN participate in the Nuuk Climate Days 2009, Greenland. Read more
2009 AUG 19 : GLISN recieved funding from the US National Science Foundation. Read more
2009 AUG 6 : GLISN installs two new broadband seismometers in Kullosuaq and Illulisat, Greenland. Read more