GLISN is in the process of establishing an international federation structure, which welcomes participation by national and international programs in contributing resources toward GLISN science. Participation may include 1) contribution with data for detecting, locating, and characterizing glacial earthquakes and other cryo-seismic phenomena, in real time, without restriction using the GLISN data standard; 2) broadband seismic stations, equipment and other logistical resources for expanding the network in Greenland, and 3) contribution in the monitoring of the glacial earthquakes and other cryo-seismic phenomena with data products distributed without restriction.


GLISN Data standard
The GLISN Data standard follow the SEED format, data contributions to GLISN are only accepted in full SEED (SEED Manual).
Results of contributions to the glacial monitoring using GLISN data must be provide to this or the contributors web page, without restriction.