Contact GLISN
If you wish to join GLISN or have questions about GLISN please contact the GLISN Steering Committee. The GLISN Steering Committee members are listed below.


Canada: David McCormack ([email protected])
Denmark: Trine Dahl-Jensen ([email protected]), Tine B. Larsen ([email protected])
France: Eléonore Stutzmann ([email protected]), Sébastien Bonaimé ([email protected])
Germany: Winfried Hanka ([email protected])
Italy: Aladino Govoni (ala[email protected]), Marco Olivieri ([email protected])
Norway: Svein Mykkelveit ([email protected])
Japan: Masaki Kanao ([email protected]), Seiji Tsuboi ([email protected])
Korea: Won Sang Lee ([email protected]), Hyun Jae Yoo ([email protected])
Poland: Stanislaw Lasocki ([email protected]), Wojciech Debski ([email protected])
Switzerland: John Clinton (, Domenico Giardini ([email protected])
USA: Kent Anderson ([email protected]), Meredith Nettles ([email protected])